Mystery Matters

The sinister swaggie logo

Name: The sinister swaggie

Subject area: History

Who should play: Years 9 and 10

What’s it about: In The sinister swaggie, students take on the role of Detective Gil Leary. It’s December 1931, the height of the Great Depression and an old man has been murdered, his wife bashed and their house ransacked with money and belongings stolen. The killer, as well as four other suspects, has followed thousands of unemployed to the bush to lie low. Leary, as an ‘undercover’ swaggie is in pursuit in the hope of picking up leads as to the killer’s identity. In order to solve the case Leary must successfully assimilate into the swaggies’ world to protect his cover.

The mystery includes historical photographs, newspaper articles from the period, first-hand recollections from swaggies (presented as diary entries), unemployment data, cartoons as well as simulated documents related to the case and suspects.