Mystery Matters

Is your computer ready to play Mystery Matters?

To play Mystery Matters you need a modern browser (Internet Explorer 7+, Mozilla Firefox 3+, Safari 3+) with Adobe Flash version 9 or higher installed. Your computer will need to have a sound card that is enabled.

Here is how to check your browser version: for Internet Explorer try Help menu > About Internet Explorer; for Mozilla Firefox try Help menu > About Mozilla Firefox; for Safari try Safari menu > About Safari.

If you are not sure what version of Flash you are running, please visit this Adobe Flash version test page.

To test your sound card, click on this test sound file (.mp3 274kB). If you see a dialogue asking whether you want to save it or open it, click Open. If the test file plays your sound card is working. If not then you may need to seek technical support from your school's Technical Support Officer.

If the test sound file above doesn't play, you will experience issues with Mystery Matters. It is best to resolve your sound card problems before attempting to play Mystery Matters.